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Can anyone tell or say categorically that it doesn’t pay to be good. Goodness is a virtue. Someone says God is the only one that is Good. No wonder He keeps receiving our accolades and the angels continue worship and praise as the Holy book informed us. Goodness makes you to be able to serve fellow being. And when you are able to serve well you’re paid for the services, which facilitates your wealth. Corporations like Facebook became successful by simply trying to meet humans hunger for connections, our social need. That is a way of doing good. Goodness promotes accomplishment. What do  you think?

Let look at examples of goodness a man gave his country and the rewards he received. The question we need to ask ourselves sometimes is, does his rewards commensurate with the acts of goodness.




In every human there is a potential for  goodness. That is locked in your soul is the ability to do Good. Therefore there is no such thing that you cannot do anything good. However i said all these goodness locked on our inside can be marsked hampered or prevented from expressing themselves.

In the same vein, goodness can be nurtured,can blossoms and can help human race if we allow it to. It can also enrish you that is can make you extremely wealthy and give you a peaceful home.

Please follow me on this page as we further look at Goodness together.

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